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February 20, 2012:
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This site, the original home of the Framingham Massachusetts Charter School, expired and was sold at auction. It may be for sale again, and inquiries can be made at It would be a great site for another charter school, or chartered adventures in Framingam, which has probably changed since I went there in 1978 because it had the closest thing to a shopping mall near Maynard. They used to have this Ferris-wheel type thing in the mall for kids, except it was enclosed. For a seven year old, this was kind of fun. They also had the nearest mall Santa there, and my mother told me he wasn't real (I was five years old) after I saw him, probably because I said that Santa told me I would get something, but now I can't remember what. Framingham also had a big factory with Wonder Bread trucks lined up outside of it, but once again 30 years may have changed things. Therefore, the Framingham Charter site may be better off in your hands, especially if you live in the town and didn't spend your early childhood trying to tune in Uncle Gus from the New Hampshire station on a black and white TV. I once read in a story about the marathon going through Framingham, but that was also a long time ago. The story was in a compilation book with Flowers for Algernon and a story about a turtle crossing the road that I would keep rereading in study hall. Now I spend my days trying to market stuff like car covers to strangers, and I never pictured for a minute that I would be flashing back to Mass and the glimpses of a town mostly seen from the back of a green Plymouth Valiant.


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Special note: Your needs may vary. You may not even be from Massachusetts, but there is also a Framingham England, which may have chartered needs of its own. If you don't care about Framingham or its interesting place in a vague man's past, you may consider a look at B12 supplements or video editing software but I doubt you would care much for them either, but you might also be interested in the educational opportunities in your area.